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  1. Charlie Murray, Charlestown Vintage says replies18 April 2012

    You look amazing! Your makeup looks so pretty!
    I love the jumper, and the little speckles of colour!
    Hope the essay goes well, and have an amazing time at the makeup course this weekend!
    Love Charlie xoxo.

    1. Emily Divine says replies19 April 2012

      Thank you! You’re so kind, so many lovely comments!
      I hope I do, have been looking forward to it for ages!

      Emily xxx

  2. dinoprincesschar says replies18 April 2012

    I’ve lusted over that jumper too – i’m hoping there is still one left in the sale when I have finished my shopping ban (on day 63 of 100. The pumps are such a lovely colour.

    1. Emily Divine says replies19 April 2012

      Wow, you’ve been so good keeping at it for that long! Good on you, I wish I had your will power! Emily xxx

  3. Josephine Pearl says replies18 April 2012

    I adore the colour of these pumps :) looks great with the playsuit :) the jumper is super cute love all the pastel flicks of colour in it.
    Good luck with your essay writing :)

    Josephine. xx

    1. Emily Divine. says replies19 April 2012

      Thank you Josephine! It was all the flicks of colour that made me love the jumper too! xxx

  4. Kelly says replies18 April 2012

    Love the colour of the pumps against the playsuit. Very pretty.
    Good luck on the course. x

    1. Emily Divine. says replies19 April 2012

      Thank you Kelly! xxx

  5. Megalolz!!!! says replies18 April 2012

    I love this whole outfit! It looks great, and your shoes are awesome.
    I know all about last minute essay writing… urgh! Good luck!

    1. Emily Divine. says replies19 April 2012

      Aw, thank you! I really should manage my time better, I always leave things to the last minute! xxx

  6. Katarina says replies18 April 2012

    Lovely outfit! Following you :)

  7. Emma says replies18 April 2012

    This playsuit is so cute, you look gorgeous!


  8. Megan Jane says replies18 April 2012

    Lovely outfit, those shoes look so comfy! xo

  9. daisychain says replies18 April 2012

    Love that jumper; and oh those shoessss <3

  10. Steph0188: StephanieDreams says replies18 April 2012

    Cute outfit :) Looks lovely & very spring like, you look very fresh!
    Love your photos too, fab work to the photographer x

  11. jimmi lou says replies19 April 2012

    Really cute outfit, love the jumper.

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  12. Lela says replies19 April 2012

    So cute.

    Love your ‘pared down’ looks, Emily!

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

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