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A cup of tea and technology seem to go hand in hand for me nowadays. In fact, the amount of technology I use on a day to day basis sometimes astounds me. Especially as a blogger with almost constant social media involvement, sometimes I have to remember to take a step back and switch off. I can’t lie – I do this rarely. Though I’m trying. Promise. 😉
Nevertheless, I still get bloomin’ excited with new apps, games and even gadget covers. My white ipad case is new from The Snugg. I’d had a boring old black case since well, forever and thought it was about time I got my grubby mits on a bright new one seeing as the old one had doubled up as a coaster one too many times (naughty Emily)! My polka dot covered phone is keeping my going, although it’s only afew days until my upgrade is being delivered and my new phone will be mine at last – the dialaphone mobile phone deals are my saviour I tell you. New phones are so tempting aren’t they, even when they’re not much different to the one you already have. Daft, isn’t it? A shiny new, scratch free screen will always get my heart, even so 😉
I tend to pop the kettle on, draft blog posts on my ipad, edit pictures on my laptop and do all my social media on the go on my phone. With a handful of biscuits thrown in somewhere in the middle. Phew, I feel a little exhausted just thinking about it. Do you all do similar? 
P.s.There’s a new video on my youtube channel, check it out!

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