Which among you eager eyed readers have noticed a couple of changes in these here parts then, huh? Just a little techy update here and there to make your reading time here as pleasurable as possible! This is why had dissappeared for a few days, for those of you had sent me concerned emails! What do you think of the new changes? Nothing major of course, that’s all to come in a couple of months time!

Having a little moment over here about how it still feels somewhat peculiar to read blogs over picking up glossy magazines, and to buy my new heels online from Sarenza rather than taking a walk in to town. A million miles away from hearing that irritating dial-up noise every time you wanted to chat on MSN or edit your myspace page. The internet is pretty awesome, no? I don’t know what I’d do without it nowadays, well, other than making rather a lot less midnight shopping orders!

Just FYI, there’s a competition on my Facebook page, to win a cute blue coloured Fujifilm Instax mini 8! I want one for myself, but I’m sending it to one lucky winner! Don’t say I never give you anything 😉

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  1. Izzie says replies26 February 2014

    Your blog looks lovely! totally suits you xo

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies3 March 2014

      Thanks Izzie! It’s nice to have a little change!

  2. Sophie Hawker says replies26 February 2014

    Looks great, so clean and fresh!


    1. Emily Lawrence says replies3 March 2014

      Just what I was going for, thank you Sophie! x

  3. Rosie W says replies26 February 2014

    Looks so good Emily :)
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies3 March 2014

      Thank you Rosie! xx

  4. Anonymous says replies26 February 2014

    Love the new look!

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies3 March 2014

      Thanks you so much!

  5. Charli James says replies27 February 2014

    I’ve just had a complete make over too!! It even contains a guinea pig haha!

    Hope all is well lovely x

    Charli… Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Animals

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies3 March 2014

      Ooh, so I see! I really like yours too, thanks Charli! xx

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