I once said in this video that I’m a cat and a dog person, although by the looks of this post you wouldn’t know it! For once I shall make room for some kitty favouritism, after all Ludo is showing me some love and that is a rare occurance (trust me, it’s normally ankle biting, ahem).

So back on track, lets just all take a minute to squeal over my new neckace and ring. Unless you have a serious dislike for felines, I’m sure it’d be near impossible to dislike these cute pieces. I may be biased as the necklace does indeed bear quite some resemblence to my darling Ludo himself (see, I gotta lotta love for him, even if it’s not reciprocated). Potential bias aside, I adore the simplicity of the collection; so understated and the clean cut outlines, perfect for girls like me that don’t often go for statement pieces. Next stop? The Mermaid Collection. I Love Crafty have converted me!

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  1. Tinacious Me says replies1 July 2013
  2. Aynur A says replies1 July 2013

    How cute is the necklace!! LOVE it
    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  3. Rothaariges says replies1 July 2013

    The necklace is so lovely!

  4. Beth Gallimore says replies1 July 2013

    Such a cute necklace! Love the mermaid collection too!

  5. RCagz says replies1 July 2013

    Gorgeous necklace and an even more gorgeous kitty too :) fab post! xoxo

  6. Debbie Ingle says replies1 July 2013

    What a cute kitty cat! Love the necklace too -what a great statement piece! x

  7. emmerliejay says replies1 July 2013

    The necklace is so cute, perfect for under a collar :)
    emmerliejay x

  8. Lary Mello says replies1 July 2013

    you look amazing!
    love the necklace!!!

  9. Aisling M says replies1 July 2013

    Oh my gooooood, cannot handle the cuteness!

  10. Sara Luxe says replies1 July 2013

    you always look flawless x

  11. Courtney Melville says replies1 July 2013

    I need this necklace, i have 8 cats so it is needed haha! You look gorgeous xx

  12. Natalie says replies2 July 2013

    So many cute kittens!

  13. Ashleigh-Jayne says replies2 July 2013

    I want that Necklace so badly!

    AJ xx

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  14. Maddy says replies2 July 2013

    This is all so cute, I love the necklace! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  15. Natasha says replies2 July 2013

    Adorable. Seriously. I also have a black cat…I need to figure out a way to work her into my blog posts too :)

    Glad I found your blog! Looking forward to more posts!


  16. VioletDaffodils says replies2 July 2013

    awww such adorable photos 😀 cute! xx

  17. Paige Joanna says replies5 July 2013

    n’aww that necklace is so great!! and I have that little cat ring as well, think we may have got them on the same day with beauxoxo :) You look gorgeous xx

  18. Rosie W says replies7 July 2013

    Such a cute ring :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

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