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  1. Laura//daisychaindream says replies8 July 2014

    I so want to be you just for a day! x

  2. emmerliejay says replies8 July 2014

    I’m so happy you’ve done this post! I love the idea of ‘festival fashion’, but it’s just not practical at a UK festival, it’s usually cold, rainy, muddy and I definitely agree with the tassels in the portaloo – not ideal! I genuinely saw someone attempt to walk around a very muddy Creamfields in heels last summer… heels 😐
    emmerliejay x

  3. Emma says replies8 July 2014

    Love this! I’m definitely the sensible kind at a festival, especially as in the UK after the sun goes down it gets CHILLY.

    Hmm maybe…

  4. Jeanne says replies8 July 2014

    Perfect look and precious details!

  5. char says replies9 July 2014

    I’m not a huge festival fan tbh, but these are some good tips!

  6. VioletDaffodils says replies10 July 2014

    I wish I looked that good at a festival haha! I’d look a right mess! I really liked this post, it has gave some good advice for future reference 😀 so thank you Emily!


  7. Sarah x says replies16 July 2014

    I adore this post! So nice for an honest look at festival style!

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