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  1. Anonymous says replies11 October 2011

    so many clothes, jel!

  2. k f e d l a n d says replies11 October 2011

    Wow, this is incredible! Maybe I should just start coming to shop at your place?!
    I have been living away for the past 4 years.. so slowly trying to build my wardrobe up again, but I reckon if I had been at home, then It would look something like this!
    Adorable cat too! x

  3. Emma says replies11 October 2011

    Oooh I love it, looks really nice and organised

  4. Mademoiselle Lala says replies11 October 2011

    Colour-coordinated! :) I do it too – so much easier to find stuff!


  5. invisible_squirrel says replies11 October 2011

    How do you remember what you have when you have so much stuff? Anything I havn’t worn in a few weeks (barring posh dresses) gets put on ebay becuase I think I probably wont wear it again as I’m bored of it! Love your cat btw :)

  6. Farrah Abigaelle says replies11 October 2011

    Wow your closet is big. In my apartment the closets are way too small and I already filled up my drawers. Hopefully I”ll get a closet like yours soon.
    Farrah’s Muse

  7. Stephanie says replies11 October 2011

    Wow! There’s someone jealous out here. :-) It’s my dream to have a dressing like that one day.

  8. THE SMILE IS FAKE says replies12 October 2011

    UH-MAZING!! I think a great thing is clear/see-through shoe boxes. Especially if you buy shoes from a particular shop or designer. Saves so much time when looking for a pair of shoes!!

    Have to say my double wardrobe is NOTHING in comparison. WOWSERS GIRL


  9. Georgie Lowen says replies12 October 2011

    I love it… and your kitty is so cute. I miss my cats.



  10. Helen says replies12 October 2011

    I am sooooo jealous. I should be moving in with my bf next year and he’s already said he wants a spare room for his music stuff! Maybe I should elbow him out of the way and have a wardrobe room!

  11. Kb says replies13 October 2011

    Wow extremely jealous of the amount of space you have, my wardrobe is ridiculous! It must be so much easier for you to find things.

  12. LucyyLou says replies13 October 2011

    Wow, jealous of your shoes! :) Mines a tip at the moment! :)

    Lucy x

  13. Anonymous says replies14 October 2011

    Dear god woman!

  14. Anonymous says replies14 October 2011

    That sounded rude, didnt mean it to…just wow!

  15. Rachel says replies14 October 2011


  16. Natasha Green says replies16 October 2011

    What an amazing wardrobe :)

  17. Misseblog says replies16 October 2011

    OMG Amazing, so jealous!!! xx

  18. Super+Super says replies17 October 2011

    I am SO damn jells of your wardobe/dress area!….i can only dream :)

    A x

  19. Anonymous says replies19 October 2011


  20. L. Figment says replies31 October 2011

    I love your old style cream suitcases!

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