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Jacket – ASOS | Shirt – Hawes & Curtis | Skirt – Vintage | Shoes – Sarenza | Satchel – ASOS | 
Earrings – ASOS

My style isn’t exactly casual at the best of times, but even so, I’ve had the urge to put together something super elegant for a while. As if by fate, a beauty of a silk shirt (Ok, so it’s not the Chanel number that I pictured in my dreams, but it’s a bloomin’ close match and for that price, who can argue?) with a pussy bow neck tie made it’s way to my closet. Yes, I see the resemblance to Legally Blonde here too (thanks Rich for pointing that one out) but you know what? I think Elle Woods was pretty cool and I’ve even got my own little Bruiser in Fleur to match. Hey, when the similarities are uncanny, sometimes you just have to go with it. Anyway, all that aside, I can tell this cutesy shirt is going to become one of those items I wondered how I lived without.

Trust me, throw on an outfit like this one and you’ll feel like you really mean business, I think I would  even dress like this every day for work if practicality would allow – don’t worry, I promise that anyone that hires me for a shoot certainly won’t get me tottering around in heeled sandals… 😉 x

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…and here’s what I wore!

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The Comments

  1. Gemma Talbot says replies30 June 2014

    This pink jacket is so lush! I love the colour x


  2. Jeanne says replies30 June 2014

    So pretty and chic!

  3. MissK says replies1 July 2014

    the color of your coat is just amazing! And love the shoes.

  4. Anonymous says replies1 July 2014

    So chic! I want a shirt like that!

  5. Reelika J says replies1 July 2014

    I adore that coat and the matching lip colour! Stunning!

    Take care!

  6. Sophie B says replies4 July 2014

    I love the skirt, it’s so pretty and feminine. You look stunning! xx

    Sophie/ http://www.prettyandpolished.co.uk

  7. Saraah Mode says replies5 July 2014


    Perfect look ! 😀

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  8. Catherine says replies6 July 2014

    I think my favourite part of this outfit has to be the jacket – so glamorous. :)


  9. Emma says replies6 July 2014

    <3 love everything about this outfit!!

  10. Emma says replies8 July 2014

    That pink is lovely! Love the contrast against your skin.

    And you look exactly like Diana Agron in that last shot!

    Hmm maybe…

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