My motto in life (well hardly an actual motto, but y’know) is if it’s grim outside, dress like it’s a bright day and stay indoors so you can pretend it’s not. That’s certainly what I did today anyhow, dressed in a weather inappropriate pretty cotton shirt and pinafore, surrounded by daffodils and plenty of cups of tea. I know it’s time for tea, because I’ve got a super wonderful new watch (see what I did there).

Olivia Burton have the most darling of time pieces, all with such a lovely hints of vintage so perfect for ladies with taste like mine! My particular watch is a bird print scarf watch which ties at the wrist, something I thought would feel rather like a piece of jewellery than a watch (though, I suppose watches are considered jewellery anyway, but I hope you catch my drift) and it certainly does which is nice. It’s so light on my wrist which means I’ll actually wear it; anything too bulky, heavy or tight and I’m likely to take it off within minutes (I’m looking at you, retro casio).

Now having this as my new time-telling friend, I’m already finding myself poking around the rest of the range on their website. I have my eye on one with a ‘classic’ strap next, perhaps the floral, or colour crush, or animal motif. I’m getting carried away, whoops. Just FYI, f you love it as much as it takes my fancy, you can purchase from Joy the Store or direct emailing the lovely ladies over at hello@oliviaburton.com.

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  1. Jacky says replies27 March 2013

    you are unbelievable pretty! and the watch is really lovely <3


  2. Rachel Deer says replies27 March 2013

    oh my gosh. your pinafore! its divine.

  3. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion says replies27 March 2013

    It is lovely indeed! As for your motto I love it, in fact I apply it in my life too :)

  4. Naomi says replies27 March 2013

    I love that motto! I do that all the time! I love the eyelet blouse~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. Rebekah Smith says replies27 March 2013

    That watch is gorgeous!xx


  6. daisychain says replies27 March 2013

    I have an Olivia Burton watch and adore it, I swear she makes the best time pieces x

  7. Lily Bee says replies27 March 2013

    Such a beaut, you look gorgeous as ever! Love the blouse too :) x

  8. Kaz says replies27 March 2013

    These are some seriously beautiful pictures :)your watch is looovely!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  9. Maddy says replies28 March 2013

    Such a beautiful, classic watch! xxx

  10. Simple Sophie says replies28 March 2013

    absolutely love what you’re wearing here emily and you lucky thing that watch it gorgeous! ox

  11. Rosie Cumberlidge says replies28 March 2013

    Such a pretty watch, love the photos too!


  12. VioletDaffodils says replies30 March 2013

    gorgeous watch you stunning lady! 😀 xx

  13. luzmaría Alam says replies30 March 2013

    Wow you have an amazing style, lovely red lipstick
    I also like to stay at home and tea is my favorite “drug” you have a cute teapot
    now i am follower via hellocotton


  14. Ruth says replies30 March 2013

    I love your classy style! An the watch looks stunning!

    PLease pop over to my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY for your chance to win soap & glory items and more!


  15. Victoria West says replies31 March 2013

    What a lovely watch. :)
    Happy Easter!

  16. Christina L says replies6 April 2013

    Completely in love with your look. and love all the links to what you wear… Click Click

  17. Flower girldresses says replies8 April 2013

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