Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Pretty, pretty pastels are brightening up my dampened-by-the-cold-weather mood. A hopeless dreamer such as I, with my candyfloss nails, peachy shirt matching my skirt and floral shopper, felt that the only way to further cheer up a dreary day would be a trip to the beach. It just so happens too, that my outfit coordinated rather well with the beach huts. Picture perfect, non?

Chips in newspaper and ice-creams covered in sprinkles were thoroughly enjoyed, even more so as it is obviously a little out of season and we had to walk some distance along the prominade to find somewhere that was open! I had a truely lovely day (it is a definite possibilty that this is an already rose-tinted memory as I recall only hours ago being bitterly cold and blown about by the blustery wind!) and cannot wait to go back when the sun decides to show itself. Being by the seaside has left me wishing for summer sun, some pastel-coloured converse, a city break and many a bike ride! Aaah.

Coat and Bag – Pretty Little Thing | Blouse – Lovestruck | Skirt – In Love With Fashion | Shoes – ASOS 
Scarf – Vintage | Sunglasses – Forever 21

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  1. StyleIDnet says replies3 March 2013
  2. VioletDaffodils says replies3 March 2013

    gorgeous outfit! 😀 xx

  3. Naomi says replies3 March 2013

    How fun are your nails!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. Sophie says replies3 March 2013

    I need to have those shoes in my life! Love the gold heel!

  5. Tabitha says replies3 March 2013

    Such a picturesque setting…and your shoes are gorgeous!

    – Tabitha at x

  6. Naama A says replies3 March 2013

    lovely outfit!

  7. Kelly says replies3 March 2013

    Cute heels! and love your hair like that.
    I really love going to the beach in Winter, can’t beat a blustery walk by the sea. Don’t get me wrong though, can’t wait for a bit of sun.

  8. Maddy says replies3 March 2013

    You look lovely, I love the gold heels on the shoes! xxx

  9. daisychain says replies3 March 2013

    THOSE SHOES! I love everything (and have beach side envy) but those shoes <3 x

  10. xchristybx says replies3 March 2013

    I need to invest in shoes like those! x

  11. Is This Real Life? says replies3 March 2013

    Ooh you look so lovely! I ADORE your shoes, too amazing! X

  12. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies3 March 2013

    Such lovely shots, amazing outfit, I love the skirt!

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  13. Nancy Wilde says replies3 March 2013

    You look a bit like Megan Fox in here, but classier :) Great photos!

  14. Keyta Hawkins says replies3 March 2013

    So beautiful!

    – Keyta

  15. Millie Cotton says replies4 March 2013

    absolutely beautiful

    It’s a LDN Thing

  16. Jamie Rose says replies4 March 2013

    These seaside pictures are so pretty and so is your outfit! I love your blue skirt so much. The little bow detail on it is perfect. The gold heel detail on your shoes is really cool too. I need to find a pair like those!

  17. FashionMozaic says replies4 March 2013

    Like these pictures, skirt and most of all-it’s your make up!

    ♡my blogspot –

  18. Rosie Wollacott says replies4 March 2013

    Beautiful outfit. You are such a classic beauty! Rosie x

  19. Lucy says replies4 March 2013

    You are a brave lady to face those blustery seaside days! Glad you had such a nice time though, what a lovely thing to do! Your shoes hold a place in my heart – a few of us bought them for Olivia for xmas – they’re so pretty and look so chic!

    Looking gorge as always lovely!

  20. rosina palesado says replies5 March 2013

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  21. Yuliya ♥ says replies5 March 2013

    Parfait ♥

  22. Zonia Anwaar says replies5 March 2013

    Emily Divine very beautiful glasses & handbag and your style you are looking so beautiful

  23. Holly-Bella Cassell says replies7 March 2013

    your outfit is amazing! I love your style <3 especially the sunglasses and the skirt. Gorgeous! xoxo

  24. Tasha Hinde says replies7 March 2013

    This outfit is perfect <3 you look beautiful!! xx

  25. Ester Durães says replies8 March 2013

    you look fabulous, Emily! I truly love your shoes and your skirt :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  26. violetsknickers says replies14 March 2013

    Great Look, i love the shoes!
    Violet x

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