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As a vegetarian and animal lover, I think it’s fab that more and more companies are striving to make their products natural and organic. In my eyes, there is nothing more beautiful a person that cares about where the products they use come from. There are some fab stores out there that have been doing it since the beginning, so I think they deserve a shout out along with some of my favourite natural products.


It’s probably my pet hate having dry, unkept lips, so it is important for me to having a good lip balm I can rely on. have an amazingly vast array of vegetarian and vegan lip balms which are all 100% natural – no yucky nastiness anywhere near them. They stock super brands such as Apple & Pears, Burts Bees, Hurraw, Figs and Rouge, Pin up Balms, Green People as well as many more. My current favourite is by Hurraw! in Vanilla Bean (it smells divine and is only £3.99) which I would highly recommend to anyone, it’s never out of my bag! Hurraw also comes in 14 other flavours so there will definitely be one for you. For natural lips this season is the way to go.
Silky smooth skin is a must for any girly especially in spring and summer when you’re flashing a bit more flesh! My current favourite natural moisturiser is by a brand called Betty Hula. Again, all natural ingredients, so you can’t go wrong. All Betty Hula products have a hawaiian inspired scent which is what make them really unique to other natural products out there. I love the Rum and Blackcurrant Shea butter – this yummy scent is inspired by the pacific islands and leaves your skin feeling sweet and smooth. They also have Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter based products, check them out at


From dying, drying and styling, my hair is dry and always in need of some love, as I imagine, is the case with most of yours! Now the best organic shampoo and conditioner set I’ve found is from Green People – their Neroli & Marshmallow ‘dry hair kit’. It smells yummy and leaves your hair feeling even nicer. They also do kits for other types of hair,as i’m sure you don’t all have dry hair – Oily, Dull and lifeless, normal, coloured and sensitive. All products from Green People are vegetarian and vegan friendly, completely organic with no nasty chemicals, hurrah!
Have any of you tried any of these brands or got any you can recommend to me?

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  1. Short Sister Style says replies5 April 2011

    Great post! I haven’t tried the products listed, but I switched to an all-natural face wash and for the first time ever, I have clear skin and my hair is shinier after ditching the chemicals.

  2. Rococo says replies6 April 2011

    Thanks for these ideas! I want to buy more eco friendly products but I’ve never known which ones are good, besides Burts Bees (love them!). Cute blog, I am now following :)

  3. r.a.j.e. says replies11 April 2011

    Love it! There are some gems here!

  4. Betty Hula Beauty says replies14 April 2011

    Wow! Thank you so much for including Betty Hula in your list of lovely natural products!

    Here’s a little code for you and your readers to use on our site for 15% off all our products: BHB15

    Betty Hula Beauty Team x

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