Trash Fashion’s Tips and Tricks for Bargain Shopping.

As you will have realised from reading an earlier post of mine, I have put myself on a shopping ban for one month. I understand that this might be a bit too much of a dramatic move for all of you, my lovely readers to join in with and so as some of you mentioned you were trying to spend less I’m giving you some tips on how to bargain shop instead.
Ebay – the bargain hunters best friend.
Ebay is full of cheap stuff just waiting to be snapped up. If you don’t know how it works, then basically you search for something like ‘dress’ or a brand ‘topshop’ and up will come a list of many wonderful things. The key to scoring a bargain on eBay is not bidding until the last minute of their listing. You are almost guaranteed to get it if you bid at the last minute as nobody else waits til then. You can watch all the other bidders and then swoop on in there with 20 seconds to go and place the highest bid and voila it’s yours.  Quite often things end late at night or early morning – these are definitely things to keep your eye on – people are rarely on eBay at this time and so again you are likely to win. However, some things are too good to be true – particularly with designer items. Be aware and watch out for fakes! The biggest bargain I’ve ever snapped up on eBay is a pair of All Saints jeans (orginially £130) that had been worn twice for £13, fab eh! Good Luck girlies! If you want a more in depth guide, drop me an email and i’ll be more than happy to go in to detail.

Charity Shops
Charity shops are fantastic if you have a lot of patience. You see, there may be some gems in them, but they are often hidden by a lot of rubbish and you will have to search to find them. It’s been known for charity shops to sell Louis Vuitton bags for around £10 and Yet charity shops can sometimes seem like a musty maze of garish granny clothes and random nick-nacks. A big tip from me is to use your imagination. Often I don’t realise how lovely something is purely because it’s surrounded by junk but by visualising the item as part of an outfit you can see it’s true worth! Another good idea is to go charity shopping in wealthy areas – they get rid of designer clothes without a second thought so you won’t have to search so hard for some labels! These things get snapped up quick so don’t think ‘I’ll come back later’ as chances are whatever it is will be gone. Lastly, don’t give up. Sometimes you can shop all day in charity shops and find nothing because on that day all the junk is nothing more than just junk but another day you’ll find all sorts of things.
Vintage sales
Now, I know these don’t happen in every town so keep an eye out for them being advertised in a town or city nearby. I regularly travel an hour on the train to go to a vintage sale that never fails me! Vintage sales are a bit like a jumble sale but without the stuff nobody wants. Often everything is priced at between £2-£5 and so it is really affordable. Again, not everything will take your fancy as vintage fashion isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely worth giving it a chance as the price tags are very appealing.
Re-work old clothes
The cheapest option of all! If you’re stuck for ideas then here’s some of mine. Jeans too short? Take a pair of scissors to them and you’ve got some fab hot pants for spring and summer. If plain isn’t your thing then fabric pens are your friend – you can design yourself a brand new tee by drawing a simple pattern or design on to an old one. Take off the buttons on an old jacket and replace them with some big statement ones from your local craft store. Transform maxi skirts into bandeau dresses, by pulling them over the bust and hemming the bottom. Love the fabric but hate the cut? Snip out a rectangle, wrap it over thick elastic and turn it into a headband. Turn a handbag into a clutch bag by lopping off the straps. Give light-coloured high heels a new lease of life with shoe dye. Do this with girlfriends and its guaranteed to be a hilarious night in with fab results.
Any of you have any hot tips for bargain shopping or customising clothes? Let me know!

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  1. Elizabeth says replies18 March 2011

    This is a great list of ideas, thanks for the tips!

  2. Maycie (pending new last name) says replies18 March 2011

    I’ll definitely try that Ebay trick. That’s a great one.

  3. vivi says replies18 March 2011

    amazing tricks! thank u. :):)

  4. Lydz xX says replies19 March 2011

    mommy’s closet ALWAYS has something old and awsome 😀
    Lydz xX

  5. Kristie says replies19 March 2011

    Thanks for these tips! The ebay thing doesn’t always work though. I’ve found that a lot of bidders do electronic cheat bidding that help them bid in the last 2 seconds of the auction. :S I’ve been outbidded like that before.


  6. Allie says replies19 March 2011

    I love Ebay! There are so many designer clothes that are so cheap there that are just waiting for someone to buy them! The whole being careful of scams thing is true. But Ebay has a team to authenticate the designer pieces so if they aren’t the seller usually has to say so. Some don’t, but they’ll get busted for it eventually.

  7. Kristen says replies19 March 2011

    Hi! Thanks for friending me on IFB (The Boston Fashionista)! This is a great post – very helpful. I am an avid eBay and thrift shopper – good tips!

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