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  1. Jamie Rose says replies12 September 2012

    Those boots are absolutely awesome! The zipper detailing is just so cool. I could really use a pair of black ankle boots like those. I’m loving your trench coat and polka dot tights too. I’m envious of your September layering! It takes so long to cool down where I live.

  2. kawther says replies12 September 2012

    great outfit !!!

    love the shoes super funnky !!

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  3. Vintage-Fashion says replies12 September 2012

    You look amazing, I love those tights, autumn is def my favourite time of year :)

    Rhiannon @ Vintage Style Me

  4. Keyta Hawkins says replies12 September 2012

    very pretty shoes!

    – Keyta x

  5. Glitter Detector says replies12 September 2012

    Love this outfit, the coat is so pretty! And your makeup looks adorable xx

  6. Julia Henderson says replies12 September 2012

    Youre so pretty and I absolutely love those boots, they would not leave my feet either!

    Julia x

  7. Lisa Sabrina says replies12 September 2012

    I want these booooooots! ♥

  8. Larissa Landinez says replies12 September 2012

    I’m an ankle boot lover and those are fantastic!

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  9. Laura Collins says replies12 September 2012

    Those boots are amazing! Love my polka dot tights in the winter as well xx

  10. Ashleigh says replies12 September 2012

    You look amazing, so classy! Wish i could pull off a trench coat lol, don’t think i’ll attempt that one 😉 Love the boots too (as i’ve already said before). Might have to add them to my never ending wishlist aha.
    Ashleigh xxx

  11. Misseblog says replies12 September 2012

    You look amazing, Love the boots & your bag!

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  12. Megan Jane says replies12 September 2012

    You look lovely! I love your sheer polka dot tights and the cut of your ankle boots! xo

  13. daisychain says replies12 September 2012

    as ever you are an utter stunner x

  14. Fashion En Vie says replies12 September 2012

    You coat is very beautiful, I love your shoes as well :)

  15. Josephine Pearl says replies13 September 2012

    Great trench coat :) love your shoes and tights too.

    Jo. x

  16. Ms Chinessa says replies13 September 2012


  17. The Ditsy O says replies13 September 2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. The Ditsy O says replies13 September 2012

    Oh god, those boots….I’m in lust.


  19. Hannah Cagney Lace says replies13 September 2012

    Blooming gorgeous outfit! J’adore the sheer polka dot tights, the layers and the lovely bag. If Autumn was an outfit this would be it.


  20. Sam Hutchinson says replies16 September 2012

    Ah, you’re so beautiful! The bag is gorgeous, it’s a colour I’m loving as well – definitely getting me excited for A/W wardrobes! xxx

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