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  1. Jessica in your ear says replies27 November 2012

    I can’t believe those shoes are from Clarks! I still associate their brand with ‘sensible’ school shoes so I never look in there…might have to start now!


  2. Annabelle says replies27 November 2012

    Gorgeous dress! And those lashes are clever
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Becky | lifestyleflash.com says replies27 November 2012

    Such a BABE!

    Really hope you’re on the mend sweetpea! x

  4. Catherine says replies27 November 2012

    Holy bejeeeeesus, that dress is so gorgeous! It looks beautiful on you!

    I hope you are feeling better soon and its nothing too serious :( xo

  5. Elspeth Daisy says replies27 November 2012

    Poor poorly girl :( hope you’re back on your feet soon! Lovely dress though, and your hair is magical!

    Elspeth xx

  6. Kelly says replies27 November 2012

    Gorgeous! Love that dress.
    Hope you are fighting fit soon lovely.xx

  7. Joelle says replies27 November 2012

    Get well soon! Love the dress and necklace. Twiggy is still a great icon to this day :).

  8. Sophie - CGDN says replies27 November 2012

    the dress is gorgeous indeed! Hope you’re on the road to recovery soon x

  9. Jamie Rose says replies28 November 2012

    Oh no, I hope you start feeling better soon! You look so gorgeous in these pictures though. I’m in love with your dress and I like the sparkly shoes you paired with it. The false eyelashes look great too!

  10. Little Rus says replies28 November 2012

    You look so beautiful and that dress is to die for! Hope you feel better soon! x

  11. Lily & Lace Vintage says replies28 November 2012

    Love the necklace – Super cute x

  12. daisychain says replies28 November 2012

    That dress is so beautiful.

    I hope you start to feel better soon sweetheart x

  13. Anonymous says replies28 November 2012

    bless you get well soon x

  14. Adrian Shwiiz says replies1 June 2013

    I think that boucle mini dress would be a perfect gift for my wife.

  15. Anonymous says replies6 August 2014

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