It’s quite common for Rich to make a kind-hearted but gentle joking remark about the amount I spent on what is, well, essentially vanity. As I write this, only hours earlier have I just forked out £60 for a haircut, picked up a couple of new lipsticks and well, it was only last week I spent £110 on skincare (whoops). I dread the thought of totalling up my average monthly spend on ‘essentials’ such as my daily make-up, skin care, monthly beauty treatments.. have you ever considered the cost?

Well, fret no more ladies. No longer can the men in your life (boyfriend, hubby, best pal, brother or even your dad) criticise you as it seems the modern day ‘meterosexual’ traits are showing themselves in more and more men. Even better (not for them, but bloomin’ funny for us to laugh about) is that apparently men are four times as likely to sustain an injury from their pampering. An injury? From pampering? Yes you heard it right. A recent press release that landed in my inbox showed an article from with the research they had conducted, showing the comical injuries the boys sustain. It was just to good not to share.

I can’t deny that the increase in male grooming doesn’t really surprise me! Rich certainly spends longer on his hair than I do, though I can forgive him for that as long as it stops there and he doesn’t end up taking longer than I do to get dressed in the morning. I mean, we’d never leave the house!

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  1. Maddy says replies26 February 2013

    Haha, can’t believe that they are more likely to get an injury from pampering! xxx

  2. Keyta Hawkins says replies26 February 2013

    Haha the fact that you can make a claim on the basis of ‘papmerping’ is absurd! What is this world coming to! 😛

    – Keyta

  3. Martin Lewis says replies1 September 2013

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