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  1. MJ says replies28 November 2011

    Looking lovely missus! The one thing I’m okay with in terms of Primark bags is the fake croc ones, they don’t look anywhere near as plasticky as the others.

  2. Lollihearts says replies28 November 2011

    love the tweet indeed!!
    and the allegras aswell



  3. AmyBell says replies28 November 2011

    I’ve been after that blazer for ages but couldn’t get it in my size! It looks lovely on you and you look gorgeous in these pics! xx


  4. Anonymous says replies29 November 2011

    You gorgeous thing! Love the shirt xx

  5. Lauren-Ella says replies29 November 2011

    That watch is absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m sooo lusting after it haha. And you look lovely! :)


  6. Soph says replies29 November 2011

    Love the watch so much!

  7. Jen says replies29 November 2011

    lovely outfit, cute blazer

  8. Rose says replies29 November 2011

    absolutely love this blazer! looks amazing

  9. daisychain says replies29 November 2011

    I swear you are one of the most attractive people ever.

  10. Emily Divine. says replies29 November 2011


  11. Mademoiselle Lala says replies29 November 2011

    This shirt looks great! I was in Primark today and didn’t spot it. X


  12. THE SMILE IS FAKE says replies30 November 2011

    OH YAHHH. love the elbow patches. x

  13. GEMBEAR says replies30 November 2011

    i LOVE this outfit. you cannot go wrong with black. x

  14. SS says replies30 November 2011

    You look AMAZIN’

  15. Lu says replies30 November 2011

    Looking lovely, really want the shirt! Lu x

  16. k f e d l a n d says replies30 November 2011

    I am in LOVE with your outfit. I really adore the blazer, I think I tried this on before, it is absolutely perfect. I am typing so fast because I literally love everything about your outfit! Especially the sunglasses too.x

  17. Anonymous says replies30 November 2011

    Ah, ya beaut, you!

  18. Rachel says replies30 November 2011

    Fab outfit as always. Love the shirt, will need to keep an eye out for it!

  19. Temporary:Secretary says replies1 December 2011

    So pretty! x

  20. Ray says replies1 December 2011

    Such a gorgeous girl! I love how you style your outfits.

  21. Ashley Jefferson says replies1 December 2011

    OK. That clutch needs to be under my Christmas tree this year. It is too hot!

    Love it!

  22. AJ TAYLOR says replies3 December 2011

    Love that clutch. So gorgeous. you look good


  23. men watches says replies19 August 2012

    You gorgeous thing! Love the shirt xx

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