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  1. Catherine says replies18 October 2012

    I absolutely love the dress! Good luck with your interviews. xo

  2. Rachel Davis says replies18 October 2012

    i love your outfit those shoes are soo cute!


  3. Little Rus says replies18 October 2012

    Such a charming outfit! I love tweed too, but haven’t got anything for the season… Good luck with the interviews! x

  4. Kelly says replies18 October 2012

    Such a cute outfit, and love the red lips.
    Good luck with the interview. xx

  5. Millie Cotton says replies18 October 2012

    the cat shoes are fab! good luck.

    It’s a LDN Thing

  6. Farrah says replies18 October 2012

    I really like your cat shoes! The outfit looks great =)

  7. daisychain says replies19 October 2012

    You look SO, so beautiful that dress is amazing.

    I could have sworn I saw who looked exactly like you at Paddington station Tuesday evening!

    Good luck with the interviews; my only advise it to be yourself.


  8. Sophie - CGDN says replies19 October 2012

    love the dress so much! good luck your interviews x

  9. Fashion Diaries says replies19 October 2012

    amazing dress..you are so sweet…You are very lucky cause you can wear tweed this season…whereas here in Greece ..it is still quite hot :-(…
    Anyway…check out my blog if you want dear…


  10. Josephine Pearl says replies19 October 2012

    Ahh I love tweed and boucle, this dress is so pretty. Great photos.

    Jo. xx

  11. Rachelle says replies19 October 2012

    Gorgeous outfit! I love your kitty flats! Tweed, boucle & tartan are my favourites at this time of year :) Go for the full fringe again, I always aim for a side fringe and get annoyed and have it cut straight again.
    Rachelle x

  12. Jeeda says replies19 October 2012

    the tweed and coucle remind me of the good ole days, you totally know how to rock any old dress


  13. Felicity says replies20 October 2012

    Pretty dress, and lovely photos! x


  14. The Golden Girls says replies20 October 2012

    LOVE the patterns on this dress! You look fabulous and those shoes are so adorable…kitty cat!! Check us for great fashion too 😉 Hugs from Cali, xx The Golden Girls

  15. t says replies22 October 2012

    Cute outfit! I like the boucle!


  16. livlovelaugh says replies22 October 2012

    omg… you are so pretty. You have what i covet the most in terms of looks — porcelain skin, blue eyes, and dark hair. Love your makeup and outfit too! I’m totally your newest follower :)


  17. Lana S. says replies23 October 2012

    You look stunning and your shoes are too cute!

    Lana, xo

  18. ANNA SAVANNA says replies25 October 2012

    Just found your blog. LOVE IT!


  19. Adele says replies25 October 2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Adele says replies25 October 2012

    Your lipstick is amazing! What brands do you use? x

  21. Tanii says replies25 October 2012

    loving your loafers and the pictures! Which camera do you use? :)

  22. Jamie Rose says replies26 October 2012

    This dress is just gorgeous and looks amazing on you! The red lip pairs perfectly with it. I’m also in love with your adorable cat flats. Your hair looks really pretty pulled to the side like that too!

  23. Lucy says replies26 October 2012

    Oh it looks gorgeous on you Em! Glad you feel so lovely in it becuase you look lovely too!!
    Also loving the coat below, I think you look fab in nubbly greys 😉
    Yes it certainly is coat season, which is why I STUPIDLY went out in London in tiny shorts and flats with only a thin pair of tights on.. muppet.

  24. charissa says replies29 October 2012

    you’re flawless and this outfit is classic but incredibly well styled!


  25. jessbuurman says replies6 November 2012

    love your look,lipstick and kitten shoe.
    Best of luck for your interview.

  26. Amy says replies7 November 2012

    I absolutely adore you in this dress. You look beautiful, Emily.


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