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  1. Jamie Rose says replies25 September 2012

    I love how laid back and cool this outfit is. I definitely understand the issues with being short and finding vintage clothes. I tailor pretty much any vintage thing I find. I haven’t tried kids’ sizes in staple pieces. Maybe I should? I think having boobs might be an issue with some kids’ clothes? haha

  2. LilyLipstick says replies25 September 2012

    Love this outfit, perfect for autumn days – I’m definitely going to go back to wearing shorts with tights until it gets really cold! I’m also a fan of picking up bargains in the kids’ department – one of the few fashion advantages to being 5’2! x

  3. Harriet says replies25 September 2012

    Love the outfit, vintage is easy to find for me as i’m quite tall – hadnt ever considered it must be a nighmare if you’re little!

  4. Kim @lovecloth says replies25 September 2012

    very cute, simple outfit….Like the boots :)

  5. novella afterglow says replies25 September 2012

    Glad some agrees about the stress of finding clothes that fit a petite frame! It’s impossible to find nice nice pieces in small sizes! Find that vintage in smaller sizes tends to be loads more expensive too! Love this post & pics are beaut <3

  6. Elle says replies25 September 2012

    Love this autumn outfit! The zip all around the ankle boot makes them more special! like like like! :)
    xx Elle

  7. MissLuxuryLifestyle says replies25 September 2012

    You look fab, I love this style and those boots!!!

    missluxurylifestyle.com xx

  8. daisychain says replies25 September 2012

    I honestly don’t know how you look so good all the damn time! x

  9. Mummy Loves Dress Up says replies25 September 2012

    Love the outfit, you always look so flawless. Big fan of vintage myself so glad to see another rocking it do well (better in fact!)
    Looking forward to the next post x

  10. Lauren says replies25 September 2012

    You look absolutely gorgeous-rocking the headband! xo

  11. Anonymous says replies27 September 2012

    I love I love

  12. Megan Jane says replies27 September 2012

    Oh Emily I love every single one of your outfits. This is yet another lovely one! Your makeup looks amazing too. Very jealous! xo

  13. Dixx says replies27 September 2012

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  14. Adrianna Keczmerska says replies28 September 2012

    I know exactly what you mean about being small and petite. I’m only 5ft tall and usually struggle to find clothes that fit just right for me too. That’s probably why I don’t own hardly anything vintage which is a real shame.

  15. januarysublime says replies28 September 2012

    I think I’ve just fallen in love with you a bit!
    Gabs x

  16. Sam Hutchinson says replies29 September 2012

    Gorgeous shorts xxx

  17. lipsticksandnotebooks says replies30 September 2012

    I love this outfit!

  18. Naffy says replies1 October 2012

    great outfits!!! love your style xo

    Nafisah http://www.bamblingsofnaffy.blogspot.co.uk xx

  19. serve10 says replies17 October 2012

    love your style,

  20. serve10 says replies17 October 2012

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