What’s in my bag?

They say what’s in a girls handbag is the key to her personality, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak in to mine and tell you what’s currently residing in my bag 100% honestly as I hunt through it right now.
My iPhone. I think I might go a bit insane without it. It lives in its little fabric floral case (I heart vintage print).
My purse. Mainly involved in my daily starbucks runs, magazine buying and other frivolous shopping.
Strawberry flavour Carmex. Nothing worse than dry lips after all, so carmex keeps them silky soft.
House keys. No explanation required.
A few random hair grips. Never know when you might need some! I find them all over the place in my house, drives Rich mad.
Rimmel London Clear nail varnish. I regularly apply it to keep my nails strong and when I’m wearing a colour on my nails, it makes them chip-proof for longer.
Hand Sanitizer. Free from some nursing conference, a must have, comes with me everywhere for hand cleaning emergencies.
My Filofax and a trusty pen. Making appointments, meetings, blah de blah. Like my phone, if I didn’t have it, it would be like losing a limb.
And under my arm…A wedding magazine. How exciting, the first one i’ve ever bought! Rich and I have been engaged for a few months now but we’re finally thinking about setting a date and so I’m hoping a glossy mag will make the process less daunting.
What do you think it says about me? I have no idea… Does it sound much different to yours?

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  1. Freya says replies14 March 2011

    Love you vintage pink iphone!!!!! is so beautifull!! i always have my pink lipstick, a little toothbrush just in case i have a horrible taste.


  2. abcdefghiloveyou says replies14 March 2011
  3. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies14 March 2011

    I think it says you’re a girlie girl just like any of us!! I love your vintage Iphone cover..too cute.


  4. brittany leigh says replies14 March 2011

    first of all i am in love with that iphone case! i too am utterly addicted to my iphone – my boyfriend thinks I have a problem :)

    i think that your purse contents are pretty normal! I have basically the same stuff plus at least 3 different lipsticks :)

  5. Style Worthwhile says replies15 March 2011

    Love that case you have for your phone! Your purse sounds pretty similar to mine, I carry hand sanitizer as well haha


  6. throughtintedglass says replies15 March 2011

    Wow, congrats on the good news! Keep us updated on the arrangements and dresses 😉 Where did you get that iPhone cover from? Its beautiful…

  7. Allie says replies15 March 2011

    I love your iPhone case! Where did you get it??? Like you, I would be lost without my phone.


  8. Elizabeth says replies15 March 2011

    Yeah! I love your iphone case as well! Super cute.

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

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