Strolling through a forest looking probably a little too bohemian than is in normal for me, I felt on top of the world. Leaving my phone behind at home, suddenly being disconnected from technology was strangely nice. Free to wander, completely unaware of the time, taking in every little detail of my surroundings, I got lost. Lost, but not in a panicky sort of way, rather in a tranquil way that I sort of enjoyed. How often do we quite literally stray from the beaten track? I eventually found my way and felt entirely refreshed once home. I’d quite recommend you all to try it every so often, though be safe! When life gets loud and unruly, remember you can always go and find some quiet.

Dress – Select | Headband – The ‘Emily’ at Beauxoxo | Sandals – Sarenza | Sunglasses – Forever 21

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  1. Abigale Feasey says replies17 July 2013

    This post is so dreamy! Forests and woodland are my favourite places to wander, they feel so magical.
    Gorgeous dress! It is very boho :)
    Abi x


  2. Rosie W says replies17 July 2013

    Such gorgeous photos, and you look great in that dress. It’s so important to just put down our phones, iPads, laptops and breathe in some fresh air.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Joelle says replies17 July 2013

    I need to take a leaf out of your book and just wander freely with no technology! Love the headband!

  4. Lauren says replies17 July 2013

    Love that dress on you! <3

  5. daisychain says replies17 July 2013

    I want to be you, just for one day! x

  6. Megan Hunt says replies17 July 2013

    Gorgeous! Love the headband xo

  7. Roxii says replies17 July 2013

    Such a stunning dress!


  8. Maddy says replies18 July 2013

    Beautiful, love the headband so much, this is definitely something I would wear! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  9. stacy wonf says replies18 July 2013

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  10. stacy wonf says replies18 July 2013

    you look cute and lovely in that dress. i wish i had the same dress.

    my collection of dresses

  11. Purple Ivy says replies18 July 2013

    Very bohemian indeed and yes sometimes it does pay to get away from life and technology.


  12. SarahB @ FridayisForever says replies18 July 2013

    Love the dress and love the crown, indeed very bohemian! Its nice to get lost sometimes <3

  13. Paige says replies20 July 2013

    I love that! I really should try it some time sounds wonderful! B-eautiful pictures i adore that dress gahh! x


  14. Hannah. says replies21 July 2013

    You look beautiful.

    Walking through forests is one of my favourite things to do, at times its feel like I am the only person on the planet and I have nothing to worry or stress about.


  15. Sara Luxe says replies22 July 2013

    that dress is stunning x

  16. Helen says replies22 July 2013

    Love the dress and the bright colours look lovely in your dark hair

  17. kirstyb says replies23 July 2013

    loving the dress x

  18. Paige Joanna says replies28 July 2013

    Looking gorgeous as always my darling!! and the beau headband is simply lovely, we did well I think for getting such lovely ones :)

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